Sunday, March 23, 2014


10 x 10, oil

I've had a few people tell me that they really like to see my "set up" or my "scene" when painting.  So I remembered to do this.. and posted the picture below.  What really drew me to painting this was the extreme softness of the set up... and if I really squinted down I could not see where the edge of the vase was on the right or the left, being lost in the light and the shadow.  What formed the shape of the vase (while squinting) were the two highlights and the lip of the vase and the base.  That's what I tried to achieve in this painting.  Also, I got way too fussy with the rose on the left and realized it was because of the true shape of the rose... so I took some liberty and changed it to fit my painting.  I don't really know why I titled this painting "Surrender," it just seemed to fit.

Thank you for following my work!