Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Once a Fisherman

"Once a Fisherman"
16 x 8, oil
~ a gift for my Daddy

Once a fisherman, always a fisherman.  This was painted from an old photo of my father, doing one of his favorite things.  He was showing off his catch of the day.  I love the photo of him.  One of the things I noticed from the photo is that my two sons have inherited something from their "Pop Pop."  It's a way I've always been able to spot them on the practice field when they were playing football.  They both stand like him.  He has a way of putting all the weight on one leg and resting the other, with his hip pushed to the side.  I could spot it from a far away distance... and it's no exception with my two sons.  Even other people have commented on how they could pick them out on the field by the way they stand.

Thank you for following my work!