Wednesday, February 24, 2016


12 x 12, oil, available
$450 unframed, click here to purchase through Paypal, or email me if interested

I just re-worked this painting from 2014. I really liked it the way it was, but since it never sold, I figured I'd try to give it a makeover. I do that from time to time with my unsold paintings, but most of the time the end result is even worse than when I started. Before, it was just the tulips and no pears, and very little shadow in the background. As my painting style is changing and developing, my hope is that I, too, am changing and developing into what God wants me to be. I appreciate all of you out there that put up with my constant posting of paintings.  This blog, facebook, and now Instagram have been wonderful for me as an artist, connecting me with many new collectors and art friends, so from me to you... thank you. 

I have two workshops coming up soon, one in Rome, Georgia and the other in Union Point, Georgia.  Details here.


  1. Beautiful, Gina, and I'd be so disappointed if you weren't posting up your paintings. Just last night, we were talking about the ways in which we ask God to change us into what He wants us to be - prayer, psalms, the Bible, etc. He's given you a beautiful gift and it's great that you share it with the world.

    1. What a wonderful comment Sharon. Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!