Friday, February 26, 2016

What If ~ a painting of Grace Kelly

 "What If"
Grace Kelly painting
30 x 30, oil, $2100
Click here to purchase, or email me if interested

Inspired by a photo of Grace Kelly promoting the movie "To Catch a Thief." I loooove Grace Kelly. I found an old photo of her with this gorgeous gown made by Edith Head. If you're not familiar with Edith's designs, you should look her up. I get asked sometimes, if you weren't a painter, what would you do? "What if?" When I was in fifth grade, I would sit in class and draw beauty pageant contestants with different gowns on. I would design different dresses for each one, and then share them with my friends and ask them which one was their favorite. So I think I'd like to design dresses, but I'd also like photography, and oh, yeah... I like to write too!!! But for right now, painting is my favorite. So I can satisfy those other interests by taking pictures of my painting of a woman wearing a beautifully designed dress, and then writing about the process!

I have two workshops coming up soon, one in Rome, Georgia and the other in Union Point, Georgia.  Details here.

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