Monday, April 24, 2017

Bad Art

18 x 24, oil
A recent commission that I love... with the reference photo below
Isn't she adorable?

So why did I title this blog post "Bad Art" ??

Last week, I worked on a 30 x 20 painting of some beautiful purple irises that my mother brought me from her garden.

You will never ever, ever see that painting.

At a recent workshop I was teaching, I was being asked questions while painting my demo.  With the easy questions, I can keep painting and answer.

"What size brush are you using?" 
 "How did you mix that color?"  

But every now and then, I get asked a question that makes me stop and think about what to say.

"Gina, do you think there is such a thing as BAD ART?"


I kept painting probably for about ten seconds, buying time.

And this was my answer.

"Yes.  And a lot of it is in my basement."

And here's something else most people are surprised to hear:

"I have destroyed hundreds of paintings." 

That painting that you only see the edge of above... with the setup of purple irises.  BAD ART.
Some paintings I thought were pretty good at one time, I no longer like them.  I found a painting one day that I remember being so proud of after I finished it... and believe me... Oh, it's horrible.

I think that's what keeps me going.  I want to keep getting better. And I think most artists will agree with me.  It's so exciting to finish a painting and be happy with it.  And those "bad art" paintings that I still produce make the ones I'm happy with even better (like the one at the beginning of this post... I love that painting!)

Even though I'm now teaching workshops, I still try to take a workshop every now and then from an artist I admire.  Not to learn to paint like them, but to learn from them.  To be inspired.  To become a better teacher.  And to be around other artists trying to get better.

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